We believe that connecting as the people of God matters for our discipleship and faithfulness to Christ. Forming the habit of intentional relationships with other believers to strengthen, encourage and comfort is the kind of love we pursue as vital to our transformation and living worthy of the calling we’ve received. (Ephesians 4:1)

Our Ministries

We continue to seek God about the ways our gathering together can best serve the needs of our community. We invite you to engage in prayer for these ministries, that each person would experience the transforming presence of God in these places of meeting. 

Refer to our calendar on the home page as well as receiving our weekly emails for up to date information about what is happening in our ministries.

Young Adults
A place for singles and couples aged 18-30 to meet for discipleship in community. Meets every other Tuesday from 7:00-9:00pm either in a home or the Upper Room (EEM).
Our women of all ages gather on the first Monday of each month. To receive information, add your email to the list by contacting Michelle Braun.
Men of all ages gather on the first Saturday of each month for a Men's Breakfast at Jojo's Fish & Chips on George Ferguson Way at 8:00am. There are additional events to keep an eye out for on our Events page and weekly emails.
Sunday school happens during the sermon portion of the worship service. We love having our children present to worship with the family of God.

Kids Club is a high energy Bible blast for elementary-aged kids! The focus of this weekly gathering is to reinforce what children are learning from their parents about God, His Word, and His plan for their life. Kids Club meets Fridays from 7-8:30ish in the Upper Room and gym. Genya Toews is the contact for this event. Call or text her at 778-344-4297
Groups of 3-4 people that are established organically for purposes of studying Scripture, prayer, friendship, accountability, and service. It happens whenever the group decides (i.e. in a coffee shop at 6am, during a lunch break, in a park...) Contact Pastor Steve if you'd like help finding people to form a huddle.
Small Groups
Intergenerational groups of 8-12 people meet throughout the week in homes to study Scripture, pray, share meals, and participate in the work God is doing in each others lives. Contact Pastor Steve if you'd like to get connected to a group in your area.
We love lifting our praise to God and the overflow of that into our every day lives. Recognizing the worthiness of God and acknowledging Him as Lord of our lives is the best posture we can live from. We love inviting people who are passionate worshippers to help lead our congregation with instrument, voice & tech. Talk to Lisa Klassen if this is an area you want to invest.
sunday morning team
It takes many people to make a Sunday morning possible. We see church as a place of giving as well as receiving. We invest our time and develop our gifts for the benefit of our joy and others. There are many ways to get involved (worship, Sunday school, greeting, coffee station, chairs, sound, tech, visual arts, celebration, kitchen).
We believe God has placed each believer to be a light and witness of His saving grace and love. We seek to encourage and support one another in the ways He's inviting us to carry out His work of reconciliation. We have many in our congregation who have gifts and passion to serve the needs of our community. Providing meals has been one avenue of caring for the needs around us. We also support ministries and individuals who invest in missional work.


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